Oxidation and Aging

Oxidation is the process by which our bodies break down or “age” biologically. Each cell in our body contains a combination of proteins, minerals, and fats. As these cellular building blocks are exposed to oxidation, the fats become rancid, the proteins putrefy and the minerals decompose – all of which leads to decomposition. In other words, oxidation is truly systematic destruction of the body resulting in wrinkles, degeneration of bones, organs, and glandular systems, a weakening of cellular membranes, and a loss of vitality that can lead to diseases and death.

What Causes Oxidation?

Free radicals are the cause. We have seen examples of oxidation in nature: metals rust, plants decompose, proteins such as meat putrefy, and oils become rancid when exposed to free radicals. Free radicals are all around us, they are abundant in the air we breath, the food we eat, and the water we drink. They are even produced in your body as cellular waste!

How can oxidation be stopped?

Oxidation can’t be stopped, but research has shown that it may be slowed down by antioxidants. And here with have Kangen water, the strongest known antioxidant liquid ever found on our planet earth. Kangen water contains large quantities of negatively charged ions that act as antioxidants in the body. These ions are measured ans express as negative ORP. The higher the negative number, the greater the antioxidant potential of the water.